Drum Mixer Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Multiple Models

The machine is composed of a base, a speed regulating motor, a shaft, a rotary connecting rod, a cylinder, etc. The loaded cylinder is driven by the driving shaft to perform a combined movement such as horizontal movement and rock movement, which promotes the material to perform circumferential, radial and axial three-way combined movement along the cylinder, thus realizing the mutual flow, diffusion and doping of various materials, so as to achieve the     goal of high uniformity mixing.

Texture of material:stainless steel

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    The stainless steel drum mixer is an efficient, fine container rotary, stirring type mixing equipment, which is used for the uniform mixing of a variety of powdery and granular materials. It has a high degree of mixing, and can also achieve a good degree of mixing for ingredients with a small amount of addition; The machine adopts mechanical seal, so the powder will not leak, and the service life of the bearing is long; The machine has high mixing efficiency, high working efficiency, low labor intensity and convenient operation.


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