Multi Function Mould Food Puffer Feed Extruder

This equipment takes corn, soybean (bean cake) animal waste, etc. as raw materials, and directly adds them into the machine to produce different granules, which are novel in shape, unique in taste, rich in nutrition, and delicate in organization. It is suitable for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, shrimps, fish and other pet tastes.

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Process flow of feed pellet expander: raw material preparation powder mixing transportation extrusion I transportation I drying oil spraying flavoring (packaging) feed pellet expander configuration: powder mixer feeding machine expander conveyor oven oil injector drum flavoring (packaging machine) feed pellet expander is a series of equipment and machinery used for processing and production of pet food, including pulverizer, powder mixer, extruder Air bed cooler, hot air dryer, oven, puffer, oil injector, seasoning line, etc. shall be selected and arranged according to different production needs..



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