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Feed crushing and mixing integrated machine Corn crushing and mixing machine is applicable to mixing and mixing of compound feeds for chickens, pigs, sheep, fish, rabbits and other livestock and poultry

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  Feed crushing and stirring integrated machine breeding corn crushing mixer, suitable for mixing and mixing of chicken, pig, sheep, fish, rabbit and other livestock and poultry compound feed, the machine has compact structure, low power consumption, small occupation area, convenient loading and unloading, less dust , Reliable work, it is an ideal assistant for small township feed processing factories, farms and farmers, feed management and processing self-employed to get rich. Suitable for family farms, such as small and medium chicken farms, pig farms, etc. It can crush and mix materials at one time, and these two parts can also work independently.


Main Structure and Working Principle

This feed mixer is a single-shaft vertical mixer with casing and cone discharge. When working, pour the metered powder materials into the hopper in turn, and the feed is transported vertically upward by the vertical auger. At the end of the auger, the feed is thrown to the inner wall of the cylinder by the feeding plate, and the material and the cylinder wall are subjected to one time. Bounces and scatters inside the barrel after impact. This cycle is repeated several times for mixing


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The introduction of a feed grinding and mixing machine for breeding corn grinding and mixing machines perfectly solves the mixing needs of livestock and poultry compound feed. Designed for farms, feed operators and processing plants, the machine is compact, functional and efficient. It is suitable for mixed feed of various animals such as chicken, pig, sheep, fish, rabbit, etc.

 With a range of features, this machine is ideal for farms of all sizes, including small and medium farms. Its simplicity of operation means that even a novice can operate it, while its high output ensures maximum efficiency in feed production. With this machine, you are sure to get the best results with the least amount of effort.

  One of the most notable advantages of this machine is its compact structure. Its small size means it takes up less space and is easy to move. Loading and unloading is also effortless, making it convenient for farmers who need to move around the farm.

  In addition, the machine is low in dust and high in reliability, ensuring that it will operate optimally for a long time without failure. That's because it's made of strong materials that can withstand wear and tear for a long life.

 This machine is necessary for township feed processing factories and individual feed operators to get rich. It provides a steady stream of income as you can use it to produce feed for a variety of animals throughout the year.

 This machine is also designed for those who love family farms. Its versatile design means it can pulverize and mix materials at the same time. The lower part is connected to the granulator, which can be directly made into pellet feed, which is an excellent choice for small feed pellet production lines.

 In conclusion, the Feed Grinder Mixer Farming Corn Grinder Mixer is the perfect addition to any farm that needs to produce high-quality feed for various animals such as chickens, pigs, sheep, fish or rabbits. Its high output, simple operation, long service life and compact size make it a valuabl

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