U-type Mixer Feed Crushing and Mixing

U-Feed crushing and mixing integrated machine Corn crushing and mixing machine is applicable to mixing and mixing of compound feeds for chickens, pigs, sheep, fish, rabbits and other livestock and poultry

Texture of material:carbon steel

working principle :Built in double layer thickened spiral belt, short mixing time, reverse and reverse mixing to achieve uniform mixing and fast                       

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    The inner and outer diameter screw belts installed on the mixing shaft drive the materials in the barrel, so that the agitator can turn the materials in the barrel in a large range. On the structure of the agitator, the spiral belt is designed as an internal and external spiral belt, and the left and right are mutually inverted spiral belts. When the agitator is working, the inner spiral strip drives the materials near the axis to rotate axially from the inside to both sides. The outer spiral belt drives the materials near the barrel wall to rotate axially, and the axial direction is pushed from both sides to the inside. This causes the materials to circulate convection, shear and infiltrate in the barrel, and complete the rapid and uniform mixing of materials in a short time.

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