Self Suction Grain Cereal Universal Crusher

The tooth disc crusher is a multi-function crusher, which can choose self-priming feeding. The internal part of this series of crusher is a tooth nail type crushing claw, which can crush a wide range of materials, save energy and environmental protection, and has high production efficiency. The crusher can crush various cereals into powder without residue. This machine can process chemical raw materials, Chinese herbal medicine, gypsum powder, fish bone powder, metal calcium and other materials, with a crushing fineness of 100 meshes. It is a multi-function crusher, The range of crushed materials is wide, and there is no residue left in crushed materials. The multi-function crusher has different feeding modes, including vertical, inclined and self-priming feeding.

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During operation, the processed materials enter the crushing chamber from the hopper and are broken by the impact of high-speed rotating working parts. At the same time, the movement direction of the materials is changed. Because the high-speed rotating working parts damage the deposition of the material layer, the materials move with the rotor. In this process, the particles are repeatedly impacted by the working parts and the machine body as well as the collision and friction between particles, so that they are gradually crushed until their geometric diameter is smaller than the diameter of the screen hole. Under the action of centrifugal force and air flow, the crushed materials pass through the screen hole and leak into the powder chamber and are discharged from the outlet..

Advantages of Guillotine Kneading Machine

This guillotine kneading machine has the advantages of advanced design, novel structure, stable operation, energy saving, convenient operation, safety and reliability. It is suitable for rubbing corn straw, bean straw, sorghum straw, peanut seedlings and other crop straws to make the straw into soft feed, which is convenient for the digestion and absorption of livestock. At the same time, it is beneficial to the drying, baling, transportation and storage of materials. It is the necessary mechanical equipment for the majority of farmers and small and medium-sized feed processing plants.impact. This cycle is repeated several times for mixing..

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Overall size(mm)

2.5T  3kw220V/3kw380V


3.5T  3kw


4.5T  4.5kw/5.5kw


5.5T  4.5kw/5.5kw


6.5T  7.5kw/11kw



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